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Breaking News...


Ludlow Porch calls it quits on radio...

(See the press release on our home page)






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The Alabama Spirituals

The Beene Family

Ron Brewer

Chapter IV

Daybreak Quartet

Faith Harmony Boys

Faith 3

Four Fold

The Garner Family

Gospel Tide

The Harbingers Quartet

Hearts of Faith

Victoria Huggins

Rick Alan King

The Mills Family

Steve Moss

Of One Accord

Tara Jackson

The Paul Family

The Pomeroys

Safe Harbor

The Shadrix Trio

The Shannons



Young Harmony

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Danny Howell


The weekly radio show that features the BEST in local and regional Southern Gospel talent from all over the world!



bulletFACT: The music industry is one giant "Catch-22" - Artists can't get airplay unless they're on the charts; but they can't get onto the charts without airplay!


bulletThis program is designed to bridge that gap.


bulletArtists send in their professionally-produced CD. We select the best songs by the best artists submitted to feature on our weekly show. If record producers and large venue management happen to hear something they like, they contact us. We put them in touch with the artist. From there, who knows!?!?


bulletWe are currently accepting CD's from all Southern Gospel artists! CLICK HERE for info on submitting your CD!



bulletAmerica's Home Spun Gospel is now heard each week on these stations:


bulletWBML 900AM in Macon, Georgia  Tue 1PM; and Fri 10:30AM


bullet99.9 Country "The Country Authority" in Baguio City, The Philippines

           Friday mornings at 9AM


bulletRejoice 89.1 in Heflin, AL... Wednesdays at 5pm & Sundays TBA


bulletWCAB 590AM in Rutherfordton, NC  Sundays at 6AM

           (starts Sunday, January 21st, 2007)


bulletWGAA 1340AM in Cedartown, GA  Sundays at 9PM every Friday at 11:30am & 7:30pm, AND Saturday & Sunday at 10:30AM Eastern


bullet98.3FM WALW in Moulton, AL every Sunday at 12:00 Noon


bulletThe Power Country Network, five stations covering nearly 150,000 square miles of Australia; every Sunday at 9AM! Coverage includes Leitchville, Kyabram, Tongala, Barham, and Tatura, and their surrounding areas; all located in Victoria, Australia.


bullet, EVERY DAY 9AM and 7PM Central Time


bullet, every Sunday at 7am Eastern Time


bullet  WEKT 1070 AM in Elkton, KY  Saturdays at 7pm


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bullet107.5 WBFC (LPFM) in Ringgold, GA every Saturday TBD



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Ludlow Porch leaves radio


(Press Release) Ludlow Porch is changing direction. He is turning over the reins of The Funseekers Network to his long-time colleague, Denny Ainsworth, who will continue to do the daily talk show. So where in the world is Ludlow Porch going? He's headed into the world of public speaking and book writing, neither of which is new for... Ludlow. Porch stated: "Humorous public speaking has always been a love of mine, and now I'll have the time to pursue it." Porch has already begun his 14th book. This time he is co-authoring it with Cleveland native Emory Jones. It promises to be very funny and entertaining, Porch assures us. There's no doubt that Ludlow Porch will be missed by his many listeners and callers. However, he promises he'll still attend his fans' "Whacko Parties" and be available to make appearances. He also wants his daily sign-off to remain the same: Whatever else you do today, you find somebody to be nice to.



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